Football Rules and Regulations

  1. Before participating in any practices or games, the following is REQUIRED:
    • Fill out, in full, and sign all registration forms.
    • All fees and deposits paid in full to SYFA.
    • Payment of a $20.00 fee on all returned checks.

  2. YOU AND YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN ONE MAJOR FUNDRAISER EACH YEAR. The fundraiser will be specified by the SYFA Executive Board. To participate means that your son or daughter must sell and collect for a minimum of fifteen (15) items. You as parents/guardians are responsible for the merchandise and money. The merchandise and/or money must be picked up and returned at the designated time and place specified by the SYFA Executive Board through your coach or team fundraiser parent. Failure to comply will result in your son or daughter not being allowed to participate in practices or games until such time as the merchandise and/or money is picked up or returned. Those of you who are strongly opposed to participating in the fundraiser may be granted an exemption by paying a fee set by the Executive Board each year.

  3. Parents/guardians must timely attend their children's games; not only to ensure the safety of their child(ren), but also to instill confidence, support and enthusiasm of the players and participants.

  4. Unless otherwise specified, all uniforms and issued equipment are the sole property of SYFA. ALL UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT MUST BE RETURNED TO SYFA IN GOOD CONDITION WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS AFTER THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON. If your son or daughter discontinues actively participating in the games or other functions of SYFA, including missing two (2) or more consecutive practices without advance notice, his/her uniform and equipment must be returned within five (5) days of such discontinuance. You shall be charged and be required to pay the replacement costs of any uniform or equipment belonging to SYFA which is not returned. IN THE EVENT AN ATTORNEY IS EMPLOYED TO ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN THE RETURN OF THE UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT AND/OR THE ASSOCIATED REPLACEMENT COSTS, THEN YOU SHALL ALSO BE LIABLE FOR REASONABLE ATTORNEY'S FEES, COST OF LITIGATION AND OTHER REASONABLE EXPENSES.

  5. Parents must have their son or daughter to practices and games on or before the designated time and shall pick up their son or daughter immediately after such practices or games. There shall be no more than four (4) practices per week, limited to two (2) hours maximum per practice. Participants are expected to attend all practices and the last practice before a game is mandatory. Failure to abide by this rule may result in sanctions or discipline being imposed on the participant, including extra duties performed or sitting out of the game that week.

  6. BAD WEATHER POLICY - Practices and games will occur in all weather conditions, with the exception of lightning and very rare cases of extreme temperatures. The safety of the participants is paramount. The Head SYFA Coaches will be responsible for making an on-field determination of weather conditions that will ensure the safety of all the participants. Should bad weather arise during practice or games, the Head Coach will move the participants to the nearest shelter and await the parents for pick up. Parents should be aware of weather conditions and be prepared to pick up their children should bad weather arise.

  7. TEAM SPLITS - All football team drafts will be according to and under the supervision of the Indian Nations Football Conference (INFC). The SYFA expects all parents and participants to support the results of a split. Campaigning by any person to undo the results of a draft will be considered a violation of this rule.

  8. PARTICIPANTS PLAYING UP A GRADE - All players that HAVE NOT been drafted onto an existing team MUST petition the Executive Board for permission to move up, unless forced to do so because of the maximum weight limit for their actual grade. This MUST be done preceding the draft. After the date of the SYFA draft, no players will be allowed to move up, UNLESS it is solely due to weight. INFC rules prohibit participants eligible to compete on a MM team from playing on a 3rd Grade team (or above) UNLESS their weight exceeds the maximum allowed for the MM division.


  10. This program is for the YOUTH and as such, SYFA cannot and will not permit profanity, abusive language, alcohol or tobacco use or any other conduct of a manner which could be deemed offensive. This rule shall apply at practices as well as games.

  11. POST-SEASON PLAY - All SYFA teams must petition the Executive Board for permission to participate in any post-season tournament or competition. This rule shall apply for both INFC and non-affiliated events.

  12. SYFA COMPLAINT PROCESS - If you incur a grievance, you are urged to first discuss the matter with your Head Coach. If not resolved, you should ask the coach to provide you with an official complaint form, or you may download a form from the website. Complete and file the complaint according to the instructions on the form.

  13. To be a voting member of the SYFA you must pay a membership fee as set by the Executive Board each year to be paid no later than the 15th of September. Each applicant for membership in SYFA must be a resident within the recruiting boundaries of the organization and must be in good standing.

  14. The infraction of a rule, regulation, or code of ethics, by a participant, parent, guardian or their guest at a game or practice, shall be dealt with by the SYFA Executive Board and may result in action taken against such offenders in one or more of the following manners:
    • Verbal or written reprimand.
    • Banning said offender from a game or games.
    • A fine imposed for each offense committed by said offender being a maximum of $500.00 for each offense.
    • The removal of an offender or offenders from participating in any and all functions of SYFA for a period of time deemed appropriate by the SYFA Executive Board.
    • Any other such action as the SYFA Executive Board may deem appropriate.


Rev 04/2011


For a printable copy of these rules, click HERE.



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